Why you need a Content Strategy to make Social Media work

Social media marketing has evolved and developed in the last few years to become a recognised and effective form of marketing and communication for many businesses.

It is no longer a case of setting up a business Facebook page or Twitter account, posting a few times as saying: “Yes, I’m doing social media.”

Any organisation that wants to use social media as a key part of their marketing strategy needs to give the content they are sharing the same thought and consideration as they would for any of their marketing channels.

Online marketing content needs to be well thought out and provide added value to your followers/fans.  Does it provide good information?  Does it excite or entertain them?


Good content

Good content can include; a blog post, a ‘how to’ video or information about your wider industry that is current and useful.  For example if you were a business that made furniture then a great piece of content would be an edited film of you making something.

This video made by Ercol is a great example:

Pictures and video are rich content as they are most likely to be seen, and more importantly, shared by your fans and followers.


Make the content work

Spend time on creating that one piece of great content, e.g. the ‘how to’ film, and then maximise its reach by sharing it on as many platforms as possible.  A film could be hosted on your website, blog and/or YouTube channel and shared via Facebook, Twitter and email.


Get organised!

Have a planning session with your team or get some social media assistance to help with this.  Look at things like the natural calendar e.g. seasons, weather and public holidays but also think about your target customer.  What drives them, what will they find helpful and useful.  Then map this all out onto a calendar or spreadsheet so that you have something to refer to, to guide your content.  This should help you to plan good quality content, but you also need to be able to react to changes and trends quickly, especially on social media platforms.


We are all driven by our emotions..

The content you post that is most likely to be shared (liked, shared, retweeted or commented upon) is that which stirs emotion.  This is the most shared image ever on the internet:

Barack Obama Photo

Barack Obama Photo

At a recent workshop I asked the attendees why they thought this was, and they told me that it made them feel emotional and gave them a warm, fuzzy feeling.

Not all of your content can hit that hard but it is worth spending some time thinking about what you are sharing and how to make your social media marketing as effective as it can be.

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