Top Tips For Creating A Successful Facebook Page

Facebook pages are designed for companies, brands and organisations to use to have a presence on Facebook and communicate with their followers.


You ‘like’ a Facebook page rather than becoming friends with it and in doing so become a ‘Fan’. This means that anything that the page posts will be seen in fans feeds but they can’t be messaged directly and the page cannot see the individuals profile.

The additional functionality that Facebook pages do have is Insights – which allow page owners to see a breakdown of the demographics of their fans, tabs clicked on and much more – great for marketing purposes.

These are some tips for setting up and maintaining a successful Facebook page:

1. Make sure you categorise your page correctly.

2. Upload a good quality picture that represents your organisation (normally a logo) as your profile picture.
It needs to be a maximum of 180 pixels wide and up to 540 pixels in height.

3. When you reach 25 fans customise your URL.

4. Update your status three to four times a week.

5. Upload photos and video to increase engagement.

6. ‘Like’ other pages and share their content/engage with them.

7. Incentivise people to like your page by running an offer with a customised landing page for fans that
gives them a discount code.

8. Use Facebook adverts to publicise your fan only offer and to drive people to like your page.

9. Have postcards/posters made or a simple line on the bottom of letters that says something like: Become a
Fan at to receive….

10. Link to your page from your website/email footers.

Facebook operates in Open Source so the possibilities for customisation and using your page as a marketing tool go a lot further than this, although at this point you might look to get some advice and support from a social media agency, but these are some basics to get things started.

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