Top Ten Tips for Pinterest

According to Experian, Pinterest is now the third largest social network in terms of users.  This puts it ahead of LinkedIn and Google +

2012 has seen social media move into its most visual phase and Pinterest facilitates this amazingly well.  I describe it to people as Twitter for images.

If you are just starting out on Pinterest, or want to make more of your account, here are some top tips:

1)    You still have to ask for an invitation to join Pinterest, but this is relatively easy, you just need a valid email address and will be sent an email to sign up pretty quickly.

2)    Avoid linking your Pinterest account to your Twitter or Facebook.  As you will just annoy your followers on those platforms with constant Pinterest updates.

3)    Your mission should be to create the best board you can on a topic and become an expert in that field.

4)    Remember to engage!  As well as creating your own boards ‘like’, ‘repin’ and comment on other users images that catch your eye.

5)    Don’t feel overwhelmed.  You won’t see everything that is going on, but it doesn’t matter, just follow people or boards that excite you.

6)    When you have established a few interesting boards on Pinterest share links to them via other social media platforms.

7)    As well as static images you can now also upload video to Pinterest, this has shown to increase engagement.

8)    ALWAYS add a link to the images you upload – preferably directly to where the image/product is on a website/blog.

9)    Use hash tags in your descriptions – Pinterest is searchable!

10) Have fun and express yourself – Pinterest is a very welcoming community.

Happy Pinning!

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