Top 5 Social Media Blog Posts You Need to Read

August has been a bit of an odd month for Social Monkey.  Holidays, birthdays, long weekends and things being generally quiet with clients has left lots of time to catch up on some reading though.  So I thought I would share my top 5 social media blog posts from my Summer reading with you 🙂


Twitter’s Fake Identity Crisis– Tech Week europe

A great article about how you can and why you shouldn’t buy followers on Twitter.


The Value of Facebook Promoted Posts – Jon Loomer

Statistics and hard evidence about the use of Facebook Promoted Posts.


The 10 most-useful social media tools of 2012 (so far) –

The title pretty much speaks for itself 🙂


Pop went the social media bubble. Now what? – Fortune

Interesting read regarding where social media is at as an industry and its future.


22 Tips for New Blog Ideas – Jon Loomer

We ALL get stuck with what to write from time-to-time and this article has some great tips on how to overcome the writer’s block and inspired this blog!



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