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How to Schedule Facebook Posts

When Facebook floated, one of the features it brought out (but kept fairly quiet and hidden for some reason) is the ablilty to schedule Facebook posts.

The reason it is more favourable to do this on Facebook, than via a dashboard such as Hootsuite, is that Facebook algorithms prefer content that comes from Facebook over a third party source.

Here is a quick ‘How to’ schedule Facebook posts:

1.  Write your update, add links or pictures as you normally would do, but instead of hitting ‘Post’ button click on the little clock in the bottom left hand corner









2.  This will then give you drop down options for selecting the year, date and time of when you want the post to go out.  (It is a bit clunky compared to dashboard scheduling – but it gets the job done!)










3.  Once you have selected all your options click ‘Post’.  A little box should come up:








You’ve done it!

If you want to check what posts you have scheduled you can do this in the ‘Activity Log’ which is also accessible from ‘Edit Page’ drop down menu at the top of the page.

You can also delete scheduled posts and change the time of them here – but if you want to edit the post you have to delete it and re-do it (I told you it was a bit clunky!)